While Concourse Mortgage Group was founded in 2020, that is by no means the beginning of our journey. Formerly known as “SmartCap”, we launched a new company after some significant growth, which we feel perfectly encapsulates what we stand for.

“Concourse” (definition) – an open space where roads or paths meet. An act or process of coming together. The Latin root is concursus, “a running together”.

Our focus is on building a relationship, and not treating your mortgage like a transaction. Our relationships are built on our core values of “community, collaboration and culture”.

Community – We are your brokers – for life. We view our clientele as our community, and we love to give back.

Collaboration - A mortgage can be the biggest investment of your life and our goal is to work together with you by providing a strategy unique to you.

Culture - You’ll find us relatable, positive and fun. Professional and personable.

Achievements and Awards:

* Canadian Mortgage Award Winners – 2016

* Top 20 teams nationwide – current

* Three brokers in top 100 nationwide – current

* Top Team Prairies – 2013 - 2019

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